Sheffield Malaysian Students Association is a non-profit Malaysian society registered under The University of Sheffield Students’ Union and Education Malaysia. SMSA has been representing Malaysians in Sheffield with about 250 registered members, from Malaysia and some other countries such as UK itself.

As the Malaysian Students organization in Sheffield, our aim is to provide a platform for SMSA members in developing soft skills and networking skills. For these past years, SMSA has been widely known for our 3 flagship events which are Sheffield Malaysian Games (SMG), Nasheed Extravaganza (NEXT) and Skills & Career for Youth (SKY).

In parallel to the aim of the organization, we are planning to hold larger events with true potential to promote internalization, which can contribute to the society. These could also bridge the gap of opportunities for us to become more recognized by other societies as well as promoting Malaysia itself.


Sheffield Malaysian Students Association as a united and professional society with talented Malaysian students expanding their opportunities.


• To uphold a good relationship among the Malaysian community in Sheffield regardless of age, race and
• To represent the Malaysian identity, parallel with our role as mini Malaysian ambassadors in Sheffield
• To provide a platform for SMSA members to develop soft skills and networking skills
• To nurture Malaysian talents in every aspect
• To promote Malaysian culture to local people and international students