Nasheed Extravaganza (NEXT)




What is NEXT?
Nasheed Extravaganza (NEXT) is an initiative by SMSA which began in February 2005. It is a singing
competition which aims to promote entertainment that revolves around good values and messages.
Most importantly, this annual event focuses on helping those in need by channelling our profits to
them as well as raising awareness about their situation. Helping those in need and give support to
the people that deserve is NEXT main objective. Turning peoples’ lives to a better lifestyle is what we
do. Faizal Tahir is the chosen artist to be the JUDGE of NEXT’18 and will perform a few of his songs.
The committees of NEXT are glad that he will help us to make this event a success!

Why Syria?
Shelling, airstrikes and ongoing violence are taking a devastating toll on children and families in
Syria. Thousands have been killed or maimed. More than 11 million people have now been forced
from their homes. More than 650,000 are still trapped in besieged areas. And millions need food,
water and medical care. This is why we choose Syria Care and SKT Welfare as our beneficiaries as to
channel the profit to the Syrians.


 Recruiting New Member (June 2017)
 Fundraising (every weekend) (September 2017-April 2018)
 Open Participant for Video Competition (November 2017)
 Open Participant for Singing Competition (January 2018)
 Closed the Video competition (February 2018)
 Nasheed Extravaganza (MAIN EVENT) (February 2018)

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