Sheffield Malaysian Games (SMG)




Ongoing since 1999, Sheffield Malaysian Games (SMG) has been a host for an
excellent sportsmanship and cultural experience. Attracted more than 3000
Malaysians, home and internationals of all walks of life during the previous years,
Sheffield Malaysian Students Association (SMSA) continues to initiate the second
largest Malaysian Games in the United Kingdom and Ireland; Sheffield Malaysian Games (SMG).

SMG hosts a combination of modern and traditional sports. This brings in Malaysian
students from all over the British Isles to get together and compete under the name
of sports. The uniqueness of Malaysia’s traditional games alongside popular modern
sport attracts both home and international students to attend as participants and
spectators. Whilst sports are being played by participants, spectators who come
together are welcomed with the Malaysian Food Festival (MFF), which is a series of
stalls selling authentic Malaysian cuisine. In addition to fulfilling the cravings of
Malaysians for their long-missed country food, the Malaysian culture could be easily
learnt by locals and internationals through the various cuisines specially served for the MFF.


0730-0830 - Registration
0830-1200 PM- Games
1200-1300PM- Break
1300-1630- Games
1630-1730- Closing Ceremony

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